Blizzard Run 2018 Broke All Records!

Blizzard Run 2018 just passed this weekend and it was a beautiful day! We broke every record. More people came out. More people raised money. And in this either hot or rainy summer... we managed to host a race on one of the only amazing days this summer!  

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John Miller
A personal letter from Pam Miller, in response to winning the 2017 DQ Miracle Maker Award

This year, DQ award Pam and I the 2017 Miracle Maker award.  As new owners of the DQ Grill & Chill we have been blessed with amazing customers who love Blizzards and they love to give to kids.  We couldn't have done any of it if it wasn't for Arlene, Pam's mom who started it all. 

This is a personal letter from Pam in response to winning this award from Dairy Queen Corporate...  

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