Blizzard Run 2018 Broke All Records!


Blizzard Run 2018 just passed this weekend and it was a beautiful day! We broke every record. More people came out. More people raised money. And in this either hot or rainy summer... we managed to host a race on one of the only amazing days this summer!  

Here are the amazing highlights:

  • We raised $39,528.29! Last year's total was $33,638... we crushed that number! 

  • 819 Runners and Walkers came out! Last year our number was 623.

  • 161 kids came out for the Kids Fun Run! Last year we had 130.

  • Annabel Brice, a 6 year old, raised a total of $2,250 to help save kids! For all her hard work, she won FREE Blizzards for a whole year!

  • 24 local businesses sponsored and partnered with us!

  • We had a safe and great time!

  • Total, so far, DQ has raised $66,139.29 just in 2018 for kids at Penn State Children's Hospital! That's a new record for us!

Hosting this event every year has been one of our deepest pleasures at DQ Roosevelt. Watching the community come together to love on sick kids and bring hope into their lives is an amazing inspiration.  

We are proud to have a business in York. We are proud to live in York. We are proud of our customers. We are proud of our community. And most of all, we are proud of all the kids right now at Penn State Children's Hospital fighting for their lives. Those amazing kids are an inspiration to all of us. 

A special thanks for our top sponsors.

Because of local business that care, 100% of everyone race fees were donated to help save kids through CMN:

They are headquartered in Baltimore but have employees in York County who are dedicated to what we are doing for the community. This is their third year sponsoring us!  

Family Medicine Associates of York
Eric Barr, who runs this practice, is an amazing family doctor who sees first hand what Penn State Children's Hospital does for kids and the need for extra funding for research and care. 

Douglas Equipment and Supply
Each year, the owners of Douglas walk into DQ with a check to help keep Blizzard Run going. This is an amazing locally owned family business that sells large construction equipment, and they want to make a difference in York County.  

They are headquartered right here in York and they are growing fast. The owners care about their employees and they care about York County. They are our exclusive t-shirt and printed supplier for DQ Roosevelt and Blizzard Run. I wouldn't imagine going anywhere else for marketing support. 

Angela L. Eyster Accountant
Angela is both our personal accountant and business accountant.  We have known her for years. She sees behind the scenes how DQ Roosevelt is committed to helping kids with our resources. Angela is the best accountant that any person or business could as for. Her staff works hard and lives works with integrity. 

Universal Media & Analytics
UMI has been a donor of CMN for years. They have been watching what CMN does to save kids and because of that as a media company put much of their skills and resources to work to help make the biggest impact possible. They are a media company with a big heart. 

Thank you Sponsors, Runners, Walkers, Kids and Families!!

John Miller