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A minimum of 24 hours is needed to prepare any custom order.

Any of these layers can be adjusted to your needs in the special comments section.
Only fill this selection out if you choose "Blizzard Cake"
The standard "Blizzard Cake" has Vanilla on the bottom layer. You can replace that with Chocolate if you like.
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We can customize your DQ Cake to your needs. Is there something special you would like to see done or changed? Allergies you would like us to know? Additional charges may apply for special requests.
Editable photos are an extra $5.00. If you have a photo to put on your cake, please email it to us at cakes@dqroosevelt.com. We can not print a picture that you don't have the rights to (the picture must be something that you have taken personally, not something found on the internet.) If the photo was taken by a professional photographer, we will need written consent
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What day would you like to pick up your order? (24 Hour Lead Time Required)
Please give us 24 hours to complete your custom DQ Cake.